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The Hilbert Hotel Paradox

Have you ever heard of the Hilbert Hotel, sometimes called the Infinite Hotel? It is the paradox of a hotel with infinite amount of rooms. Let's watch this video by TedEd, to get a closer look at this Infinite Hotel.

Infinity is so hard to understand. ∞ + ∞ = ∞, as shown in the video. This doesn't make any sense at all, but yet because it deals with infinity, it never ends. You can think of some parallel rays, where they start at some point and all go in the same direction.

infinite rays going in the same direction and starting at different points

This is the same idea as the Hilbert Hotel. These rays are exactly the same except for the starting point. However, they all go on for the same infinite amount of length.

For more fun about infinity, go to this video about infinity paradoxes by Numberphile.

Well, that's all about infinity for now. I hoped you enjoyed this!

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